Subsea Cleaning Systems, later Subsea Industries NV, was founded in 1983 specifically to take care of the design, development and marketing of what has become an evolving line of underwater hull and propeller cleaning equipment and later, the line of hard hull coating systems.

In 1993 research begun on developing a new, long-lasting, non-toxic method of protecting ship hulls. Three years after the final development of Ecospeed, the system was launched commercially in 2002. Ecospeed is an environmentally safe underwater hull coating system that improves a ship's performance and provides it with long-term protection. It consists of a unique, entirely original and thoroughly proven system that combines the advantages of an easy-to-apply superior coating, a surface treatment for hydrodynamic optimization and a long term underwater maintenance service system. The coating protects the hull for the service life of the ship without need for recoating or major repair and comes with a ten year guarantee.

In 2013, after more than 10 years of strenuous testing, Ecoshield, was launched for permanent protection against cavitation damage for rudders. Ecoshield is also suitable for bulbous bows, stabilizer fins, thruster nozzles and other underwater ship gear which needs special protection from corrosion. Ecoshield is a specifically reinforced version of Ecospeed. Small but significant variations of the Ecospeed formula have been tested on rudders since 2002 with extraordinary results. Ships that were experiencing heavy cavitation damage to their rudders have seen no further cavitation damage erosion for as long as 10 years after the glassflake coating was applied.  There are no signs that the coating will need replacement during the life of the ship.

In 2014 Ecolock was launched. Ecolock is an extremely tough and durable coating designed to remain in excellent condition for 15 - 25 years without drydocking, repair or replacement. Ecolock can be cleaned underwater as often as needed to meet the UWILD and weight requirements of FPSOs, drill ships and other offshore vessels. Ecolock is the result of continual R&D on offshore hull coatings since the 1990s.

In 2016 two new products were introduced: Ecofix and Ecolast.

Ecofix is a superior, tested and proven filler that is used in combination with Ecoshield. With this product, Subsea Industries offers a full package; Ecofix restores the surface of the rudder or other underwater gear and Ecoshield will protect the area from ever suffering corrosion and cavitation damage again.

Ecolast is UltraViolet (UV) resistant and preserves its color while at the same time offering the corrosion and abrasion protection our coatings are known for. Ecolast is highly resistant against salt, ultraviolet radiation, waves or even ice. Mechanical damage to the coated surface is minimized. This is especially important for (semi-)submerged structures like wind turbines that are located in splash or tidal zones.

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