Record interest at SMM

The official launch last month of Ecolast, the latest edition to Subsea Industries’ range of non-toxic, environmentally-safe hard coatings, resulted in swathe of interest during the recent SMM exhibition, which took place in Hamburg in early September.

“The market introduction of our new UV-resistant coating saw a number of potential customers and media representatives attend our exhibition booth for more information about our entire range of hard coatings,” said Manuel Hof, Subsea Industries’ Production Executive and NACE Coatings Inspector.

Tuesday and Wednesday were exceptionally busy, with representatives from various shipowners and yards requesting details about all our hard coatings. “Many of the visitors to the booth were interested in learning more about how we have managed to balance optimum energy performance with unprecedented environmental protection,” said Hof.

“With a number of test plates on show at the event, we were able to demonstrate the coatings’ finish and explain how this is proven to reduce drag and, subsequently, fuel consumption significantly. A number of shipowners have since contacted us for further information.”

In addition to substantial shipowner interest over the course of the four-day long trade show, Hydrex and Subsea Industries’ executives were also interviewed by members of the international maritime press.

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