Groundbreaking protection for rudders and running gear

Over the last few months a number of vessels have had their rudders and thruster tunnels coated with Ecoshield at shipyards in China, Romania, Turkey, the U.S.A. and France. These include several container vessels, vehicle carriers, a passenger vessel and an oceanographic research vessel. The applications will protect the rudders against cavitation and corrosion damage for the remainder of the vessels’ service lives.

Some of the owners are returning customers, some are new ones, but all of them experienced the same problem: severe cavitation damage on the rudders of their vessels coated with conventional coatings. The returning customers had seen firsthand that Ecoshield solved the problem on their other rudders and wanted the same protection for the rest of their fleet. The new ones saw the excellent result obtained by other owners and chose Ecoshield to prevent corrosion and cavitation damage from reoccurring.

Cavitation tests in a flow channel, carried out in France, have confirmed that Ecoshield performs extremely well even under severe cavitation. The coating will prevent corrosion damage from reoccurring on an existing ship or can protect the rudder(s) of a newbuild vessel against cavitation and corrosion damage for the life of the vessel. Ecoshield is guaranteed for ten years. As a result of the application no repainting is needed during future dockings.

Protection from day one

With an Ecoshield application the underwater gear will not need to be repainted during future drydockings. For this reason protection of the running gear is best begun at the newbuild phase. Ecoshield is guaranteed for ten years and will remain intact for the lifetime of the vessel. At the most, quick and easy touch-ups amounting to less than 1% of the surface area will be required.

The newbuild phase is the perfect time to apply Ecoshield. The coating can however also be used to protect vessels that have been in service for some time and are already facing cavitation and corrosion damage.

The only coating that offers lasting protection for running gear

Ecoshield is not only suited for rudders. The coating also offers full and lasting protection for thrusters, azimuth thrusters, azipods, thruster nozzles, kort nozzles, thruster tunnels and other underwater ship gear which needs the best possible protection against corrosion.

More and more owners have Ecoshield applied on the rudders and other running gear of a large part of their fleet or have it included in the rudder specs of their newbuild vessels. These owners invest in the right coating system for protection because they know the savings it will bring them.

You can give the rudders and running gear of your vessels the same lifelong protection. Contact us for more information.

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