Customers return for more Ecoshield applications

Over the last months the rudders and nozzles of several types of vessels were given an Ecoshield protective coating at yards in China, U.S.A. and Germany. A number of container vessels, vehicle carriers, a tug and an oceanographic vessel were treated. The applications will protect the rudders against cavitation and corrosion damage for the remainder of the vessels’ service lives.

All the vessel belonged to different owners. Some of the owners are returning customers, some are new ones, but all of them experienced the same problem: severe cavitation damage on the rudders of their vessels coated with conventional coatings. The returning customers had seen firsthand that Ecoshield solved the problem on their other rudders and wanted the same protection for the rest of their fleet. The new ones saw the excellent result obtained by other owners and chose Ecoshield to prevent corrosion and cavitation damage from reoccurring.

Ecoshield has been tested on rudders since 2002 with extraordinary results. Ships that were experiencing heavy cavitation damage to their rudders have seen no further cavitation damage erosion. Some of them have been sailing for as long as 10 years after application with no sign that the coating will need replacement.

Besides offering rudder protection, Ecoshield is also suitable for thrusters, azimuth thrusters, azipods, thruster nozzles, kort nozzles, thruster tunnels and other underwater ship gear which needs special protection from corrosion. The extra strength coating protects these areas for the service life of the ship. There is no need for recoating or major repair. For this reason the nozzles and thruster tunnels of several of the vessels were also coated with Ecoshield.


If one takes into account the costs of the temporary underwater repairs and the regular inspections required by a condition of class until the next drydocking, it becomes clear that the investment in a coating system that offers extra protection from day one is very easily won back. For this reason more and more owners have Ecoshield applied on the rudders and other running gear of a large part of their fleet or have it included in the rudder specs of their newbuild vessels. These owners invest in the right coating system for protection because they know the savings that will result.

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