Ecofix reduces the cost of rudder repairs

Ecofix is a filler coating which is used in combination with our award-winning Ecoshield hard coat system. Ecofix is specifically developed to provide ship owners and Original Equipment Manufacturers with a cost-effective solution for the repair of corroded or pitted steel surfaces.

When a rudder or other piece of underwater ship gear has not been properly protected, the surface will become severely pitted and corroded. The steel needs to be restored to its original shape with a smooth surface prior to recoating.

This is where Ecofix comes in. It is a superior, tested and proven filler. Because it uses the same basic resin as Ecoshield, the coating can be applied just one hour after the filler. The bonding and hardness are extraordinary. This is the effective alternative to metal facing or very expensive alternative fillers. And because it is part of the Subsea industries family, it is fully compatible and homogeneous with our other coating systems.

Rudders of roro vessels restored to original condition

The rudders of two roro vessels were given the full treatment in Denmark. First Ecofix was applied to restore the surface of the damaged rudders back to its original condition. Next they were coated with Ecoshield. This will protect them from ever suffering corrosion and cavitation damage again.

Boud Van Rompay, Executive Director of Subsea Industries, said: “We are seeing an increasing interest from propulsion and steering equipment suppliers to apply Ecoshield to their equipment. They are looking for maximum protection against cavitation and abrasion damage, both of which can lead to widespread corrosion if conventional coatings fail.

“Ecoshield is the only coating known to fully protect rudders and thrusters from all cavitation damage for the remainder of a vessel’s service life. It is as tough as the steel itself. With Ecofix, the repair work needed on the underlying steel can be done effectively and economically.” said Van Rompay.

Ecofix has been developed to repair pitting or corrosion damage on rudders, stabilizer fins, thrusters and other underwater gear. If other, less effective coatings have permitted corrosion and cavitation damage to occur on running gear, this can now be repaired easily and permanently prior to recoating.

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