Ecospeed for cruise ships

Superintendents and others who have to deal with the underwater hull coating on cruise ships have complained of a number of issues with both biocidal antifouling coatings and foul-release coatings.

The issues come down to:

  1. Toxic hulls – not environmentally sustainable, subject to criticism from ports, public and clients.
  2. Considerable marine fouling which increases fuel consumption and makes the ship look unattractive.
  3. Coatings damaged and rapidly degrading, becoming rougher, increasing fuel consumption and needing much repair or replacement in drydock.
  4. Extended time needed in drydock to repair or replace paint.
  5. In-water cleaning needed but becoming increasingly difficult to carry out, fewer ports permitting it due to the toxic nature of the coatings and to the threat of spreading invasive species.
  6. Corrosion of hulls and underwater gear on high value ships.

These factors all add up to high costs, an increase in maintenance and an unwelcome impact on the environment and the cruise line’s PR. And many of these issues are actually getting worse, not better.

In comparison, cruise line customers who have switched to Ecospeed are experiencing none of these problems. Ecospeed is non-toxic. It is applied once and can be cleaned as often as needed without restrictions and  without damage to the coating. In fact it becomes smoother with cleaning thus producing major fuel savings.

Drydock time is significantly reduced rather than increased. In fact one Ecospeed customer recently specifically noted that he was able to get his ships out of drydock several days sooner than usual due to the Ecospeed coating, saving millions. The coating at most requires minor touch-ups during routine drydocking and this can be accomplished very rapidly. Any repairs blend in perfectly and do not make the hull rough.

The coating is ultra strong and resilient and is probably the best possible protection against corrosion available today. Applied to rudders and underwater gear, Ecospeed’s tougher variant Ecoshield even puts an end to rudder cavitation damage.

If you are experiencing similar problems with your cruise ships’ hull coatings, please let us know by contacting one of our offices. We can arrange a time to talk or meet to give you more information on Ecospeed and how it will put an end to these problems.

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