The drydock affair simplified

Drydocking is necessary, evidently, for inspection purposes, replacement of certain parts and any necessary repair. In most cases, however, the time spent in drydock is substantially lengthened as a result of the replacement or repair of the hull coatings. The solution is very simple: Choosing the right type of coating system can drastically reduce the length of the visit.

Most of the time and effort spent in drydock goes to the maintenance or replacement of the coating system. This usually consists of five or six layers with application intervals of 24 hours in between. The required surface preparation alone will add several days to the visit. Three to seven days extra is not unusual. Adverse weather conditions will increase this number.

A substantial reduction of time and effort in drydock can be obtained by using a hard coating system like Ecospeed. Usually drydocking an Ecospeed ship can turn into a simple wash-and-go operation. This is due to the fact that the coating will withstand almost all impacts during its time at sea. Seawater, corrosion or marine fouling simply do not have an influence. The hull is usually in the same condition as it was when it was coated during newbuilding or the previous drydocking. The same goes for the rudder, bow thrusters and other running gear.

If no paintwork is required then it is obvious that the days in drydock can be more than halved. What this yields in terms of savings depends on the type and size of the ship. For a cruise ship fleet of 25 vessels this could result into 125-175 days saved per 2,5 year drydock interval. This   amounts to 500-700 days on a 10-year cycle. We have many cases in operation right now that prove this and we would be perfectly happy to discuss our technology with any interested party.

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