A different approach

2021 has been quite a year for Subsea Industries. There have been major accomplishments with Ecospeed for ice, Ecoshield on rudders and pitted/corroded steel of running gear that was repaired with Ecofix. The test of our coating systems comes when the vessel drydocks five, ten, fifteen or more years after the original application. One for one our longevity expectations have been confirmed, often to the astonishment of the owner or operator. You can read all the details in the main article in this newsletter.

Now we are looking ahead with major expansion plans for 2022. Ecospeed has proven itself to be the toughest and longest lasting protection against the ravages of operating in ice. For this reason increasing numbers of owners and operators of ice class vessels are turning to Ecospeed to protect their hulls. Photos of these icebreakers and ice-going ships with hull coatings intact after years of ploughing through thick ice are becoming more and more common.

At Subsea Industries we do not operate on a repeat business model, replacing the coating again and again. With Ecospeed, one application is all that a ship will need for its entire service life. We provide lasting protection for ice going ships, one hull at a time, and then move on to the next.

The same philosophy applies to Ecoshield. Once we have insulated and isolated a rudder, thruster tunnel, Kort nozzle, twisted fin or any other part of a ship that is vulnerable to cavitation damage, erosion and corrosion, we know that we will not have to redo that piece of running gear – ever. Next time that ship is drydocked, the most it will need is a small can of Ecoshield for touch-ups.

Not repeat business, but once-and-forever business. It’s a different approach.

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