Coatings for scrubbers as important as good quality material of scrubber components

Corrosion has emerged as the arch-enemy of the exhaust gas cleaning systems as the uptake of the technology rose with the entrance into force of the IMO 2020 sulphur cap.

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Daily Press Clippings 2020-157

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Ecoshield still in excellent condition on rudder after 10 years

Ten years after Ecoshield was applied on the rudder of a container ship, the vessel docked in Indonesia. The coating was still in excellent condition and only small touch-ups were needed.

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No Repaint Needed After Sailing in Ice for Many Years

The number one consideration in a hull coating for ice-going vessels and icebreakers is the ability of the coating to protect the hull in the  harshest marine environment there is.

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Dredging and Port Construction September 2019

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The Matter of Biofouling

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about biofouling. A word coined to describe marine life attached to ship hulls, it is seen as a ship speed breaker, a destructive factor to hull coatings and a cause of alien invasive species. To call it fouling is in fact a misnomer. It is marine life and it was there first, long before any ship or boat had entered any water.

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Seatrade Maritime review Issue 2 - 2019

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DFDS RoRo Gets a New Coat

Last July the underwater hull of the roro vessel Magnolia Seaways was coated with Ecospeed in Gdansk, Poland. This non-toxic and easy washable
coating system will keep the hull smooth for the service life of the  vessel with minimal repair and no replacement.

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The end of cavitation damage on running gear

Over the last few months a large number of vessels belonging to eight different owners received Ecoshield protection for their rudders, bow thruster (tunnels) and nozzles.

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Milieuvriendelijk corrosieschild beschermt David Attenborough tegen slijtage

In oktober zal het ijsbrekerschip genoemd naar levende documentairelegende David Attenborough klaar zijn voor haar eerste onderzoeksmissie naar Antarctica. Net als vele andere schepen is zij  behandeld met een Belgische coating die haar levenslang beschermt tegen corrosie en die geen spatje giftig materiaal bevat.

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