Join us at Offshore Energy 2016

Subsea Industries will be present at Offshore Energy in Amsterdam on October 25 and 26. We would like to welcome you at our booth 1.022T,  which is part of the Holland Pavilion.

If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you, please visit us during the event. Our team will be happy to give you the information you need.

Record interest at SMM

The official launch last month of Ecolast, the latest edition to Subsea Industries’ range of non-toxic, environmentally-safe hard coatings, resulted in swathe of interest during the recent SMM exhibition, which took place in Hamburg in early September.

“The market introduction of our new UV-resistant coating saw a number of potential customers and media representatives attend our exhibition booth for more information about our entire range of hard coatings,” said Manuel Hof, Subsea Industries’ Production Executive and NACE Coatings Inspector.

Tuesday and Wednesday were exceptionally busy, with representatives from various shipowners and yards requesting details about all our hard coatings. “Many of the visitors to the booth were interested in learning more about how we have managed to balance optimum energy performance with unprecedented environmental protection,” said Hof.

“With a number of test plates on show at the event, we were able to demonstrate the coatings’ finish and explain how this is proven to reduce drag and, subsequently, fuel consumption significantly. A number of shipowners have since contacted us for further information.”

In addition to substantial shipowner interest over the course of the four-day long trade show, Hydrex and Subsea Industries’ executives were also interviewed by members of the international maritime press.

Subsea Industries takes Ecospeed demonstrator vessel on the road

Shipowners, shipbuilders and representatives from the Green Award Foundation attended the first in a series of planned ‘roadshows’ Subsea Industries has initiated to demonstrate the zero environmental impact and simplicity of cleaning hulls protected with its Ecospeed hard coating.

Taking place last month in Maassluis, just outside Rotterdam, guests boarded the Subsea Industries’ maintenance and dive support vessel to watch how vessels coated with Ecospeed can be cleaned effortlessly and legally in harbours, such as the Port of Rotterdam, which has banned the underwater hull cleaning of conventional hull coatings.

As divers set about cleaning the 22.7m catamaran’s hull, which had been coated with Ecospeed some eight years ago, it was noted that the surrounding water remained clean with only fouling being washed off the vessel. There was no paint loss or toxic plumes emitted to otherwise contaminate marine life and sediments.

This was of particular interest to environmental certification agency Green Award Foundation, whose representatives explained that environmentally-certified shipowners using Ecospeed could benefit from a 10% reduction in port fees.

Erwin Strik, Subsea Industries’ Sales Officer, said that high pressure cleaning regular anti-fouling coatings would damage the coating, resulting in costly corrosion problems.

Using specially-designed tools and equipment, divers from the underwater hull cleaning specialist Hydrex cleaned the vessel in just two hours. However, a typical VLCC would take a double dive team about 12 hours at a cleaning rate of 2000m2 per hour.

“Ecospeed is not a foul-release paint but rather a coating system that requires a completely different, more cost-effective and environmentally-acceptable approach to hull protection and anti-fouling,” Strik told the industry guests.

“Paint degradation is typical of traditional marine hull coatings, resulting in the need for reblasts and recoats more or less every time the vessel docks. This repeat business model is costing shipowners dearly and is completely unnecessary.

Subsea Industries’ Executive Director Boud Van Rompay explained: “With Ecospeed there is no need to reblast and recoat the hull; no chance of corrosion, no impact on the environment and, if regular hull cleaning is carried out, fuel savings of up to 40% can be achieved.

“What’s more, if Ecospeed is applied to ice-going ships and the vessel is maintained in good condition during service, Classification Societies have ruled that the thickness of steel plating may be reduced by up to 1mm and this in the area most prone to damage from ice impact. As a result there are considerable savings to be made.”

Ecospeed requires just two coats with a curing time of three hours between each one. A typical soft paint, however, requires four to five coats with a curing time of 12 hours between each.

Willem Hopmans, Subsea Industries’ Marine Project Officer, said: “We all have an environmental interest in what is happening in the water but we can clean Ecospeed hulls in water very quickly and without damage to the marine environment. Ecospeed is the only sustainable solution for protecting ships’ hulls and we will now take the vessel to ports around Europe to demonstrate just how safe the coating is and how simple and cost-effective it is to clean.”

Subsea Industries launches Ecolast, UV resistant corrosion protection

We are proud to announce the launch of the latest member in our range of coating systems: Ecolast. This product is UltraViolet (UV) resistant and preserves its color while at the same time offering the corrosion and abrasion protection our coatings are known for.

Regular coatings will quickly lose their original color when exposed to the ultraviolet radiation present in sunlight. This is problematic when colorfastness is required, as is the case in for example offshore wind farms. The bottom part of the tower of wind turbines are all coated in the same regulated yellow. It is essential that the coating used does not change color. In most cases an extra layer of polyurethane is applied to preserve the color. This additional layer is however not abrasive resistant and offers only a temporary fix. A more permanent and less cumbersome solution is therefore needed. Enter Ecolast.

Ecolast is highly resistant against salt, ultraviolet radiation, waves or even ice. Mechanical damage to the coated surface is minimized. This is especially important for (semi-)submerged structures like wind turbines that are located in splash or tidal zones.

Ecolast will keep its color because it is highly ultraviolet resistant. Like all other coatings systems in the Subsea Industries family, Ecolast is also unaffected by corrosion. As a result no repaint is required once the coating has been applied, safeguarding the color and the integrity of the structure or vessel.

Application of Ecolast is done in two homogenous layers, with no need for primer or any other extra layer. This makes the application very fast and easy to adapt to the schedule of a yard.

If you want to receive more information about Ecolast, feel free to contact us. We are ready to assist you.

Phone: +32 3 213 53 18
Fax: +32 3 213 53 21

Subsea Industries will be present at SMM 2016

Hydrex and Subsea Industries will be present at SMM 2016.
We would like to welcome you at the Holland Pavilion in Hall B7, booth 426.

Subsea Industries at Posidonia 2016

In June Hydrex and Subsea Industries took part in Posidonia 2016, together with our agent for Greece: N. Bogdanos Marine Bureau. The exhibition was a very successful one for everyone involved and we are already looking forward to the next edition.

The event set new records in terms of exhibitor floor space, size of conference program and number of visitors. In total, 1.825 exhibiting companies from 90 countries and territories and 19 national pavilions welcomed 22.366 visitors from over 95 countries to their stands.

According to the exhibition’s post-event press release, Posidonia 2016 has received overwhelming praise from exhibitors and visitors who unanimously agree that this year’s edition of the event has also been the most distinguished in the show’s five-decade long history.

“We always strive to make the best even better by constantly reinventing the overall offering of Posidonia seeking to further improve and if possible perfect the experience on and off the main venue of the exhibition,” said Theodore Vokos, Executive Director, Posidonia Exhibitions S.A, the organizers of the event.

Hydrex Sales Officer Steven De Keyzer was present during the four days of the event. He told us that the N. Bogdanos booth was crowded from start to finish, with many networking chances presenting themselves throughout the four days of the exhibition. “Posidonia 2016 was very satisfying for us. I was able to speak with a great number of interesting people from the shipping world,” said Steven. “New business opportunities have been discussed and existing relationships have been strengthened.”

We would like to thank all of you who visited us there for coming and look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis. We would also like to invite you to come and visit us during SMM 2016 at the Holland Pavilion in Hall B7, booth 426.

Hydrex and Subsea Industries will be present at Posidonia 2016

Hydrex and Subsea Industries will be present at Posidonia 2016 together with our agent for Greece: N. Bogdanos Marine Bureau. We would like to welcome you at stand 112 in hall 1.

Both Hydrex and Subsea Industries are represented in Greece by N. Bogdanos Marine Bureau who are celebrating their 60th anniversary of successful presence in the Greek Maritime Market. They offer an ever-widening array of products & services that facilitate vessels’ uninterrupted, smooth and economical sailing.

If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you, please visit our booth (112) at Posidonia. Our team will be happy to give you the information you need. You can also contact one of our offices if you would like to make an appointment for the exhibition or if you need assistance. We are at your disposal 24/7.

Subsea Industries launches Ecofix: Corrosion damage repair

Subsea Industries has just announced a new product for filling and building up a corroded and pitted steel surface to its original form prior to recoating with Ecoshield. Ecofix® is as tough as the steel itself, machinable, and can be used to repair most pitting or corrosion damage on rudders, stabilizer fins, thrusters and other underwater gear.

Ecofix is used in combination with Ecoshield, the ultimate rudder protection coating. When a rudder or other piece of underwater ship gear has not been properly protected, the surface will become corroded. Cavitation damage can cause severe pitting. The steel needs to be restored to its original shape with a smooth surface prior to recoating. This is where Ecofix comes in. It is a superior, tested and proven filler. Because it uses the same basic resin as Ecoshield, the coating can be applied just one hour after the filler. The bonding and hardness are extraordinary. This is the effective alternative to metal facing or very expensive alternative fillers. And because it is part of the Ecospeed/Ecoshield family, it is fully compatible with the coating.

Ecoshield gives permanent protection against cavitation damage for rudders. The glassflake reinforced coating protects the rudder for the service life of the ship without need for recoating or major repair and comes with a ten-year guarantee. It is the only coating known to fully protect a rudder from all cavitation damage for the remainder of a vessel’s service life. Now with the launch of Ecofix, the repair work needed on the underlying steel can be done effectively and economically prior to the Ecoshield application.

Ecoshield and Ecofix are also suitable for stabilizer fins, thrusters, nozzles and other underwater ship gear which needs special protection from corrosion. Now these items can also be repaired prior to recoating where other, less effective coatings have permitted corrosion and cavitation damage to occur.

With the launch of the new product, Subsea Industries offers a full package; Ecofix restores the surface of the rudder or other underwater gear and Ecoshield will protect the area from ever suffering corrosion and cavitation damage again.

Contact one of our offices today and put a permanent end to worries about cavitation and corrosion damage to rudders and underwater gear.

Subsea Industries at Europort 2015

The 37th Europort exhibition for maritime technology in Rotterdam was attended by almost 30.000 trade visitors from all parts of the world. The many exhibitors, including Subsea Industries and Hydrex were very satisfied with the exhibition.

According to the closing report on the trade show, “This year’s exhibition attracted unprecedented overseas participation, with international visitors up to 22% and 15 country pavilions present. More than 56 events were dedicated to advancing leadership in: technology, efficiency, human capital, and new market opportunities. One of the most successful additions to the 2015 programme was the Europort Masterclass Series, which explored key topics at the leading edge of innovation. The series of six masterclasses along with the four conferences held attracted 1955 delegates.”

“A vibrant center of the global maritime community, Europort 2015 showed once again the credentials that have made it one of the world’s leading maritime events. Europort exhibitors proved that they are setting the global lead in terms of technology and innovation, driving much needed efficiency within the sector.”

With new products and techniques on display, the Subsea Industries/Hydrex booth fitted in perfectly with the innovative aspect of Europort. As part of the Dutch pavilion, the booth was a popular spot for visitors.

The booth was well manned by Production Executive Manuel Hof, Sales Officer Steven De Keyzer and Estimations Officer Tamara Mertens.

Many existing customers, technical people and interested newcomers to Subsea Industries or Hydrex dropped by. They enjoyed the friendly, comfortable and informative atmosphere of the booth.

In the background Koen Smouts, Hydrex Equipment Officer, and his team performed flawlessly and efficiently in setting up and taking down the booth and making sure that it had everything that was needed, was comfortable and well stocked.

All in all Europort 2015 was a great success and we would like to thank all of you who visited us there for coming. We look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis.

Introducing: Subsea Magazine

We have changed the name of our monthly magazine. Up until now it was always called the Ecospeed Magazine. However, over the last few years the range of products that are covered in this publication have been growing. To represent this we felt that a name change was in order. And what better name giver than the company that has developed all these products: Subsea Industries NV.

Our ship hull performance system Ecospeed is off course still an important part of the content of the magazine, but over the last couple of years there has also been a lot of attention for Ecoshield, our coating for underwater running gear. Last year Ecolock, designed for offshore units, joined the ranks. Besides our award winning coating family of hard hull coating systems there is also our evolving line of underwater hull and propeller cleaning equipment.

Whether it is the range of underwater cleaning equipment or the various coating systems, all products produced by Subsea Industries have the same goal in mind: To keep the underwater part of your vessel in the best possible condition for its entire lifetime at the best possible performance.

If you would like to learn more about Subsea Industries products contact us for information, or visit our website. If you want to read our new magazine, click on the link below.

Subsea Magazine

Ecospeed wins Energy Globe Award 2015

On 25 June 2015 two delegates from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce at the Austrian embassy in Brussels, Mrs. Martina Madeo and Mr. Henry Simon, visited Subsea Industries nv in Antwerp to present the company with the National Energy Globe Award for sustainability for 2015. Subsea Industries won the award for Belgium for its Ecospeed non-toxic hull coating project. Production Executive Mr. Manuel Hof accepted the award on behalf of the company.

According to the jury report, “this year´s National Winner of the Energy Globe Award in Belgium set out to replace these toxic antifouling coatings with a non-toxic alternative, stopping water pollution and also reducing fuel and greenhouse gas emissions. A win-win situation for both: Humans and environment.”

"It is our duty and responsibility to assure that our young people will have an intact environment tomorrow." With these words Wolfgang Neumann launched the ENERGY GLOBE World Award for Sustainability in 1999, today’s most prominent and prestigious environmental prize.

From all over the world, projects are showcased that conserve and protect our resources or that employ renewable energy. The goal is to present successful sustainable projects to a broad audience, for many of our environmental problems already have good, feasible solutions. More than 1.500 projects and initiatives from a total of 177 countries were submitted for this year’s award.

Subsea Industries wins QinetiQ 2014 Maritime Innovation Award

The 2014 Maritime Innovation Award – given jointly by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) and technology-based services and solutions provider QinetiQ – has been presented to Subsea Industries for the product Ecolock. Now in its second year, the Award recognisesb outstanding scientific or technological research in hydrodynamics, propulsion, structures and material which offers the potential to make significant improvements in the design, construction and operation of marine vessels and structures.

“The maritime industry today is facing many challenges as it responds to the increasing demands of operators, regulators and society for greater efficiency, safety and the protection of the environment. Meeting these challenges will require innovative thinking in all sectors of the industry," said RINA Chief Executive Trevor Blakeley. "However, in an industry which is highly dependent on technology, it is in technological and scientific research and development that innovation will have perhaps the greatest impact, in providing ships and marine structures which cost less to design, build and operate, are safer, and are more sensitive to the environment.

“Ecolock is a fine example of the ongoing technological innovation needed to address industry’s challenges of today, and one worthy of the Maritime Innovation Award,” he added.

This year's RINA – QinetiQ Maritime Innovation Award was presented to Manuel Hof, Subsea Industries’ Production Executive at the Institution’s 2015 Annual Dinner on 30th April.

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