Hydrex’s 2nd International Sales Conference

More than 30 participants representing 17 countries

Hydrex and sister company Subsea Industries held the 2015 edition of its International Sales Conference on the 9th and 10th of February. Hydrex is the world’s technology leader in underwater maintenance, repair and fuel saving solutions. Subsea Industries is the supplier of durable coatings Ecospeed, Ecoshield and Ecolock.

The yearly conference serves as a platform for sales agents to meet one another, learn about new innovations and share their own success stories on how they were able to provide more value to their respective clients. Attended by more than 30 participants representing 17 countries, the conference served as a great forum for strong cooperation.

The Subsea Industries International Sales Manager led the event. He said that, “Having organized this 2nd sales conference, this was a truly outstanding event mainly due to the motivation and involvement of the attending agents. Thanks to their loyalty and commitment, Hydrex is able to act as a global player and provide the best local support.”

Also speaking at the event, Mr. Adam Papapetros, General Manager of Bogdanos Marine and agent for Hydrex in Greece, said “We are excited to have this yearly event and to experience the commitment and innovation from the Hydrex team, which we can now jointly provide to our clients. This is a very interesting and creative period and I am proud to be part of the team.”

Steven de Keyzer, who supports the agent network for the Hydrex activities from the Antwerp office went on to say, “The Hydrex and Subsea Industries sales agent network expanded rapidly during 2014. We are convinced that it is going to make a significant change to our development in the coming years.”

The list with Hydrex and Subsea Industries agents around the globe can be found here. We invite all those interested in our products and services to communicate with our local Hydrex and Subsea Industries agent or with the Hydrex offices.

ECOLOCK® long-lasting protection for offshore hulls now available

Ecolock is a new product from the makers of Ecospeed and Ecoshield. It is designed to protect offshore vessels for decades without the need for drydocking. Increasingly, offshore vessels such as FPSOs, FSOs, FLRSUs and others used for offshore oil and gas exploration, drilling, storage and transport need to stay out of drydock for 15, 25 even 40 years. The challenge has been to protect the underwater hull from corrosion and to provide a cleanable surface so that the biofouling that accumulates can be removed successfully and safely for UWILD and to reduce weight. Ecolock is the answer to that challenge.

For decades it has been known that glassflake reinforced hard coatings last longer, are tougher and more resilient, need less repair and replacement than any other type of hull coating. Soft coatings such as biocidal antifouling and foul-release coatings do not hold up well. They need to be repaired or replaced often which is not good news for shipowners and operators and particularly offshore operators who need to keep their ships out of drydock. Their antifouling or foul release properties require that the ship move through the water at relatively high speed. On stationary vessels the fouling simply builds up.

Since the early 2000s a hard, cleanable, non-toxic, glassflake reinforced coating has been available, Ecospeed. Ecospeed is actually a coating system which combines a hard coating with routine in-water cleaning. The coating holds up for a remarkably long time, even in the ice or other harsh conditions. It can be cleaned as often as needed and becomes smoother not rougher with such cleaning. It has been used in offshore applications.

It was found over time that a tougher version of Ecospeed, Ecoshield, is an even more effective protection against the forces of cavitation and corrosion that constantly impinge on the rudder and other running gear of a ship. Now Ecospeed and Ecoshield have acquired a cousin, also a glassflake reinforced coating, but this one intended specifically to meet the hull protection requirements of offshore vessels: Ecolock.

Ecolock is an extremely tough and durable coating designed to remain in excellent condition for 15 - 25 years without drydocking, repair or replacement. Ecolock can be cleaned underwater as often as needed to meet the UWILD and weight requirements of FPSOs, drill ships and other offshore vessels. Ecolock is the result of continual R&D on offshore hull coatings since the 1990s.

Glassflake reinforced, non-toxic, cleanable

Ecolock is completely non-toxic. It is a hard, impermeable coating which even the toughest barnacle will not penetrate. This is in direct contrast to antifouling or foul-release coatings. Barnacles and other fouling organisms attach and penetrate those coatings right through to the steel permitting the start and spread of corrosion. In the case of Ecolock the barnacles, coral and other fouling organisms can be removed completely by divers using special equipment, leaving no trace and restoring the coating to its original condition. And because it is non-toxic, it is safe to clean the Ecolock coated hull when needed for UWILD or simply to reduce the weight when too much fouling has accumulated. This can be done even in sensitive waters.


Surface preparation and application are similar to those required for Ecospeed and Ecoshield. The coating can be applied very rapidly. No primer, mid-coat, tie-coat, top-coat, corrosion protection scheme or any other complications. Ecolock is simply applied directly to the surface in two or more coats, each of 500µm DFT. Overcoating time is about three hours, depending on temperature and humidity. No special equipment is needed. Environmental conditions required are the usual ones for coating application. The vessel can be launched 24 hours after the final coat has been applied.

As long as it is standardly applied, Ecolock comes with a 10, 15 or 20 year warranty, if the coating is maintained according to the specifications. The thickness of the coating can be increased to extend its longevity. Even if minor mechanical damage does occur, because of the superior adhesion of Ecolock no undercreep will occur.

A White Paper with full details about protecting the hulls and tanks of offshore vessels is available in the Publications/Papers section of www.shiphullperformance.org for free download.

Hydrex international sales conference

On the 11th and 12th of June 2014 Hydrex and Subsea Industries hosted an international sales conference which was attended by many of the companies’ agents from around the world. The conference was a highly instructive event for all those attending and everyone left with renewed enthusiasm for selling and supporting Hydrex underwater repair and maintenance services and Ecospeed and Ecoshield in all parts of the world.

Agents attended from Canada (new agency just appointed), China, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Japan, Russia, Sweden, with Hydrex sales personnel from the USA and Belgium. Hydrex International Sales Manager Rob Wolthuizen led the event. There were technical and commercial presentations from Rob, Manuel Hof, Dave Bleyenberg and David Phillips, guest presentations from Mr. Gert Hendriksen, Managing Director of Maritime Propeller Repairs BV and Mr. Peter Zoeteman, Managing Director of Netherlands Maritime Technology. There were also practical demonstrations of Hydrex technology and a tour of Antwerp harbor on a Hydrex workboat.

Feedback from the conference was excellent. It has promoted a greater spirit of cooperation amongst agents and between Hydrex and Subsea and its agencies.

The Hydrex/Ecospeed agency network has been expanding considerably recently. A full list of current, active Hydrex and Ecospeed agencies can be found here. We encourage all our customers to work with their local Hydrex and Ecospeed agent as well as with our central offices.

Ecoshield Wins Seatrade 2014 Innovation in Ship Operations Award

The Seatrade 2014 Innovation in Ship Operations Award was won by Subsea Industries for its breakthrough product Ecoshield, ultimate protection from cavitation and corrosion/erosion damage for ship hulls, rudders, and ship underwater running gear.

The Innovation in Ship Operations category was sponsored by ASRY. and judged by a very distinguished and knowledgeable panel of judges, chaired by Mr. Koji Sekimizu, Secretary-General of International Maritime Organization (IMO). The award was presented by HRH The Princess Royal and accepted for Subsea Industries by David Phillips, Hydrex Group Communications Executive at the Seatrade 2014 Awards Dinner held at the Guildhall in London on April 14th, 2014.

Boud Van Rompay, Founder of Hydrex and Subsea Industries and the developer of Ecoshield said, “We are delighted to receive this prestigious award. We know that the judges are highly expert and discriminating and we take the award as a very valuable acknowledgement for our achievement with Ecoshield. It is a simple solution that puts an end to cavitation and corrosion damage which has plagued the shipping industry for more than a century.”

According to the judges of the Seatrade 2014 Awards “it is recognized that cavitation damage has been a very significant problem that ship operators have had to contend with since metal rudders were placed behind propellers in order to steer ships. The judges consider that this entry represents a significant development in the protection afforded to rudders, which has been extensively tested both in terms of preventing cavitation damage and assessing its environmental performance.”

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