Palco Marine Services : Agents in Singapore for Subsea Industries and Hydrex

For several years, Palco Marine Services, a long-established and well-known provider of products and services to the thriving Singapore maritime sector, has been actively representing both Subsea Industries and Hydrex in the Singapore market.  

The original company was founded in 1977 by Captain J.V. Paloccaran, a former merchant navy captain. The name was changed to Palco Marine Services Pte, Ltd. in 1982. Captain Paloccaran has turned the helm over to his sons, Sanjay and Cyril, who manage the company. 

“Our main activities now include agencies of Subsea Industries and Hydrex, afloat repairs of vessels coming to Singapore, and the supply of equipment, machinery and spare parts of various brands,” explains Sanjay Paloccaran. 

Palco Marine began its relationship with Subsea Industries and Hydrex a few years ago when Captain Paloccaran learned that the companies were searching for suitable representation in Singapore. “The agreements were soon in place and everything kicked into motion,” Sanjay recalls. 

Captain J.V. Paloccaran (center) founder of Palco Marine Services with his two sons, Cyril (left) and Sanjay (right) who now manage the company, at the Palco offices in Singapore.

In 2023, Krupa Marine Pte. Ltd., an associate company of Palco Marine Services, began handling the logistical work involving the storage of Subsea coatings in Singapore and delivery to vessels coming to Singapore for application in local shipyards, greatly increasing the efficiency of Subsea Industries’ delivery. 

Extensive marketing with various ship owners and managers began and Palco has been responsible for a steady stream of inquiries to both companies and delivery of services to a number of shipping companies. “We are confident of boosting the overall sales of Subsea Industries and Hydrex to Asia-based vessel owners and managers in the long term,” says Sanjay. 

Palco believes strongly in Subsea Industries coatings as the viable solution for ship hulls and running gear. “It continues to be important that vessel managers and owners take a holistic long-term view with regards to the total costs and benefits of the application of anti-corrosion coatings on their vessels,” says Sanjay. “Even for vessel owners who contemplate the possibility of selling their vessels after 5-10 years of sailing, the rust free appearance of the hull, rudder or other parts of the vessel with minimal corrosion or cavitation will do much for the chances of successfully executing a sale at the desired price to a prospective buyer.” 

Sanjay Paloccaran (right), Clément Paquet (cntr) and Timoty Verhoegstraete (second from left) talking to visitors at the Subsea Industries and Hydrex booth at APM in Singapore.

Subsea Industries and Hydrex executives, Manuel Hof, Timo Verhoegstraete and Clément Paquet have just returned from a week-long stay in Singapore which included visits with the Palco team to customers and prospects in the area, organized by Palco. They also participated together in the Asia Pacific Maritime trade event. The collaboration was very successful, and it is clear that, with the representation of Palco, Subsea Industries and Hydrex have an even brighter future to look forward to in this very important center of maritime activity.  

Key points in the success of Hydrex and Subsea Industries in the Asian market, in Sanjay’s opinion, are the quality of products and services they provide coupled with the knowledge and experience of the companies’ personnel – many of whom have been working with the companies for 10-20 years – and the fact that the Hydrex divers carry out dozens of successful, complex operations every year, and thus gain the experience and competence needed to tackle any situation that may arise for a ship below the waterline. “That level of experience and professional competence is very meaningful in the Singapore market and in Asia generally,” Sanjay confirms. 

We are looking forward to excellent expansion in Singapore with Palco as our agents there.  

The Subsea Industries and Hydrex booth at the Asia Pacific Marine trade event in Singapore in March this year, L-R: Sanjay Paloccaran, Sales & Marketing In-Charge, Palco Marine Services, Manuel Hof, Sales & Production Executive, Subsea Industries, Timoty Verhoegstraete, Head of Technical Department, Hydrex, Clément Paquet, Senior Diver, Hydrex.

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