Subsea Industries produces coating and cleaning systems that keep the underwater part of your vessels in the best possible condition.

Coating systems


Long-lasting protection for underwater ship hulls


Durable protection against cavitation damage for running gear


Corrosion repair for running gear


Long-lasting protection for offshore units


UV resistant corrosion protection

Underwater cleaning equipment

Our solutions for cleaning marine fouling,
from smaller ships to offshore oil and gas platforms


All major issues solved


Our technology has solved all major problems relating to ship hull performance and protection. We have succeeded in providing a massive...

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Ecospeed for cruise ships


Superintendents and others who have to deal with the underwater hull coating on cruise ships have complained of a number of issues with both...

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Lasting protection for running gear


A constantly growing number of shipowners have Ecoshield applied on the rudders and other running gear of their fleet. Over the last few...

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