Durable, sustainable underwater coating and cleaning systems for permanent protection and top performance.

Coating systems

Hull protection and performance

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Ice-going hulls

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Rudder and running gear protection

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Corrosion damage repair

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Longterm offshore protection

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UV resistant protection

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Underwater cleaning equipment

Our solutions for cleaning marine fouling,
from smaller ships to offshore oil and gas platforms


Looking back at 2021

Case study

The past year has been a very successful one for Subsea Industries. Several ships came into drydock after sailing with Ecospeed for many...

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A different approach


2021 has been quite a year for Subsea Industries. There have been major accomplishments with Ecospeed for ice, Ecoshield on rudders and...

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No need to replace Ecospeed after twelve years in ice

Case study

When icebreaking research vessel Laura Bassi docked in Italy earlier this year, only touch-ups were applied to the underwater hull coating....

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