Subsea Industries produces coating and cleaning systems that keep the underwater part of your vessels in the best possible condition.

Coating systems


Long-lasting protection for underwater ship hulls


Durable protection against cavitation damage for running gear


Corrosion repair for running gear


Long-lasting protection for offshore units


UV resistant corrosion protection

Underwater cleaning equipment

Our solutions for cleaning marine fouling,
from smaller ships to offshore oil and gas platforms


Corrosion simplified and solved


We are so used to corrosion on ships that no-one raises an eyebrow at the rust-stained hulls in any port or dock. It is, apparently,...

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Reseller for Belgium, France and Germany


We are proud to announce De Zeeman Pro as an authorised reseller of our range of unique underwater cleaning machines.More information can be...

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Californian boat owner returns for second Ecospeed application

Case study

Two years after Ecospeed was applied to the hull of a ferry in California, a second vessel of the owner was given the same lasting...

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