PP100 Series

Hydraulic power unit

The PP100 series hydraulic power units are designed to drive all our units. They come with different power ratings with horsepower ranges between 60 and 140.

Suitable for running MC111 / MC131 / MC212/ MC313


  • Dimensions:
    • Oil flow:
      • 20 l.p.m. – 80 l.p.m.
    • Working pressure: Nominal 140 – 160 bar
    • Engine:
      • Kubota 4-cylinder
      • 60 – 140 HP (approx. 45 – 105 KW)
      • Diesel
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1600x1000x1720 mm
    • Weight: 1400 kg
    • Note: these dimensions vary depending on the power of the unit


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