The most efficient underwater cleaning unit available

The MC131 is a single, powerful tool unit designed for cleaning all types of marine fouling from yachts and smaller ships to offshore oil & gas platforms. The brush rotation speed is adjustable and direction reversible by the diver to achieve an optimum hourly cleaning rate.

High speed cleaning for smaller vessels and areas

The MC131 is ideal to clean smaller areas such as bilge keels, propellers and the rudder. Niche areas that are hard to reach also pose no problem for this extremely flexible one brush unit. It is also often the best solution for the full hull of a small to medium size boat or ship since it is so portable and easy to deploy.

Like all our cleaning equipment, The MC131 is sold separately or supplied with a complete support system including umbilical, tools and hydraulic power unit.


  • Dimensions:
    • Machine diameter: 250 mm
    • Brush diameter: 300 mm
  • Weight in air: 9 kg
  • Weight in seawater: 1 kg
  • Cleaning rate: 300 m2/hour
  • Depth rating: 70 m
  • Hydraulic requirement: 20ltr/min @ 140 bar


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