Underwater cleaning equipment

Our range of Typhoon cleaning machines is available for various applications on all types of vessels; from propellers on small pleasure boats up to the hulls of 400 meter container ships or big offshore platforms.

All kinds of fouling can be removed very effectively; light slime as well as thick layers of heavy marine growth.

Our cleaning units can be used effortlessly and safely for extended periods of time. They are easy to maneuver and will help you clean even the hardest to reach niche areas.

All units are offered separately or with a complete support system including umbilical, tools and hydraulic power unit.



The MC111 is specially designed for cleaning and polishing ship hulls, propellers and thrusters.


The MC131 is designed for cleaning marine fouling from yachts and smaller ships to offshore oil & gas platforms.


The MC212 is designed for cleaning marine fouling from ship hulls, offshore oil & gas platforms and internal pipelines.


The MC313 underwater hull cleaning unit will stand up to the most difficult underwater cleaning conditions encountered on various types of ships.

PP018 Hydraulic power unit

The PP018 hydraulic power unit is proficient for running our one and two brush units.

PP100 Hydraulic power unit

The PP100 hydraulic power unit is proficient for running all our units.

ROV cleaning systems

Subsea Industries has developed ROV-systems that allow us to use our two larger cleaning units unmanned on our coating systems.


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