Ecofix is used in combination with Ecoshield, the ultimate rudder protection coating. When a rudder or other piece of underwater ship gear has not been properly protected, the surface will become corroded. Cavitation damage can cause severe pitting. The steel needs to be restored to its original shape with a smooth surface prior to recoating.

Cavitation damage on a rudder.

(Above) Cavitation damage on rudder. This can be repaired with Ecofix prior to proper protection with Ecoshield. 

This is where Ecofix comes in. It is a superior, tested and proven filler. Because it uses the same basic resin as Ecoshield, the coating can be applied just one hour after the filler. The bonding and hardness are extraordinary. This is the effective alternative to metal facing or very expensive (and time-consuming) alternative fillers. And because it is part of the Ecospeed/Ecoshield family, it is fully compatible with the coating. Ecoshield provides permanent protection against cavitation damage for rudders. 

With the launch of Ecofix, the repair work needed on the underlying steel of existing rudders can be done effectively and economically prior to the Ecoshield application. It also works well for filling weld slots.

Ecofix is the answer to filling weld slots prior to protecting the rudder with Ecoshield.

(Above) Ecofix can also be used to fill weld slots. 

Ecofix and Ecoshield are also suitable for stabilizer fins, thrusters, nozzles and other underwater ship gear which needs special protection from corrosion. Now these items can also be repaired prior to recoating where other, less effective coatings have permitted corrosion and cavitation damage to occur.
With this product, Subsea Industries offers a full package: Ecofix restores the surface of the rudder or other underwater gear and Ecoshield will protect the area from ever suffering corrosion and cavitation damage again. Ecospeed can be applied to the entire hull.

Ecofix is the very tough, long-lasting and fast solution to repairing pitted and corroded metal before applying Ecoshield. 

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