N. Bogdanos Marine Bureau: Agents in Greece for Subsea Industries and Hydrex

For 11 years now, Subsea Industries and Hydrex have enjoyed a productive and agreeable relationship with N. Bogdanos Marine Bureau as sole representatives for both companies in Greece.  

 Bogdanos Marine Bureau are Athens-based marine and industrial representatives and consultants.The company was established in Piraeus in 1956 by Nico Bogdanos as the first and only technical office in Greece consisting of marine consultants, surveyors, valuers, appraisers and arbitrators. Its core business traditionally was to conduct surveys on behalf of underwriters and classification societies.

The Bogdanos Marine office became an expert on all types of surveys with an in-depth understanding of ships and ship repair processes, handling of claims, and repair costs. Combined with the very extensive knowledge of the Hellenic shipping market, the company was a perfect candidate for successfully representing various prestigious ship repair yards, as well as marine and industrial systems worldwide, which today constitute the core of its business activities. 

Long-standing relationship 

In 2013, a letter of intent between N. Bogdanos Marine Bureau and both Subsea Industries and Hydrex was signed – the beginning of a fruitful, long-term relationship. In 2014, Bogdanos CEO, Adam Papapetros and a colleague visited Subsea Industries and Hydrex headquarters in Antwerp for an international sales conference we held. An agreement was signed making Bogdanos the sole representatives for both companies in Greece, which they have remained to this day.  

Adam Papapetros, CEO of N. Bogdanos Marine Bureau, on a tour of the port of Antwerp during the international sales conference in 2014, when he signed an agency agreement to represent Subsea Industries and Hydrex in Greece.

Hydrex and Subsea Industries’ goals and purposes are well aligned with Bogdanos’s mission: 

“To provide services and innovative solutions to the Hellenic Marine, Offshore and Industrial community 
To sustain the legacy of integrity, reliability and trust, through dedication to the needs of our customers 
To contribute to a better world, our drive for over six decades.” 

Over the years, Bogdanos has worked hard to represent Subsea Industries and Hydrex in Greece, and together with the agency we have been able to provide valuable service and products to Greek shipowners and operators.  

In the last year alone, Subsea Industries has provided coatings for over 25 ships through Bogdanos. In the same time period, Hydrex has provided underwater maintenance and repair services to several Greek owners/operators as a result of Bogdanos’ representation.  

Rudder and nozzle of the Pleiades ship Xanthos with freshly applied Ecoshield. Pleiades Shipping Agents S.A. are a long term repeat customer of Subsea Industries and Bogdanos.

Most recently – in fact just before this article was begun – Bogdanos and Subsea Industries secured an important order for Ecospeed for the hull of a bulk carrier of a world-leading Greek shipping company who are considering using Ecospeed on the hulls of more ships in their large fleet.  

“The recent sale was a direct result of an email campaign we ran in November of 2023,” explains Vangelis Masklavanos, Sales Manager at Bogdanos. “After the shipping company’s initial response, I followed up with phone calls and email which resulted in a meeting with the Technical Manager which led to the sale.”

Subsea Industries very recently received an order to apply Ecospeed to the hull of this bulk carrier from a world leading Greek shipping company introduced by N. Bogdanos Marine Bureau.

Vangelis has held the Sales Manager position at Bogdanos for about a year. His background in the Merchant Marine and as a petty officer in the Greek navy has served him well in his representation of Subsea Industries and Hydrex among other companies for whom Bogdanos is the agent.  

“What I like about working with Subsea Industries and Hydrex is the homogeneity of the products and their eco-friendliness along with the support from the people of the Hydrex Group. Hydrex is also a household name which Greek maritime companies trust. I believe that Subsea Industries is also becoming one.” 

Vangelis Masklavanos, Sales Manager at Bogdanos on a vessel during a scrubber pipe installation.

 Bogdanos Marine Bureau CEO, Adam Papapetros sums up, “The N.Bogdanos Marine – Hydrex/Subsea cooperation in the Greek marine marketplace goes back over 11 solid years now and is maintained and steadily reinforced year after year via the human and friendly relationship and the expertise of both parties, each one in its own field.”

Subsea Industries and Hydrex usually join N. Bogdanos Marine Bureau at their large and popular booth at Posidonia every other year. This year will be no exception and we are keen to see them again and also renew acquaintance with our mutual Greek clients.  

We look forward to continuing the long and productive relationship with one of the key players in the Greek shipping world. 

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