Ecospeed Ice is the proven, ultimate hull protection for icebreakers and ice-going vessels. It is designed and formulated to last the life of the vessel with no need for replacement, requiring only minor touch-ups during routine drydocking. Backed by an unheard-of 10-year warranty, Ecospeed Ice simply stays on the hull no matter the conditions of sea and ice. 

• Class certified ice abrasion-resistant coating.
• Low friction. The hull remains smooth and retains its low friction properties for the life of the ship, saving fuel and reducing emissions.
• Due to superior protection, newbuilds are able to take advantage of reduced scantlings, less steel and a lighter ship, saving construction costs.
• A base consisting of a resin which cures fully without becoming brittle or inflexible and has superior adhesion properties, reinforced with a high content of large aspect ratio glass flakes.
• Extraordinarily tough bonding powers. Ecospeed Ice contains a number of ingredients to improve bonding and strength. Even in the event of mechanical damage, there will be no undercreep.
• Completely non-toxic. Vital for pristine polar regions and other sensitive environments. Will not leave biocides or heavy metals in the ice.
• Preparation includes grit blasting to create a profile of at least 75 µm and a cleanliness of SA 2.5 or better.
• Easily applied without specialized equipment such as hot twin-feed guns, or restrictive environmental conditions such as temperature or humidity. No primer. Just 2, 3 or 4 coats (usually 2) each 500 µm DFT. Rapid overcoat time of about 3 hours. Ready to launch in 24 hours.
• The coating remains intact and smooth for many years in the harshest of icy waters and will not need to be replaced. Only minor spot repairs for mechanical damage are required during routine dry-docking. Any repairs blend in, leaving the hull as smooth as on initial application of the coating.
• Easy to clean in-water or in drydock to remove biofouling whenever this builds up (not frequent with ice-going vessels). Cleaning does no harm to the hull coating – in fact, in-water cleaning improves it.

Antarctic research/supply vessel before and after Ecospeed Ice

Photos on left show an icebreaker/Antarctic supply ship after a single season in the ice with a leading specialized ice paint.
Photos on right show the same ship sailing in the same conditions four seasons after Ecospeed Ice was applied, with no repainting during that time.

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