Second major Ecolock project in China completed

Earlier this year application of Ecolock was finalized on a newbuild Floating Storage and Regastification Unit (FSRU) in China. This was the second project carried out for EXMAR, after the application on the Caribbean FLNG in 2013.

Like the first project, the FSRU was built in blocks. These blocks are coated individually before assembly, leaving only the weld seams and the areas inaccessible due to the support blocks to be painted after the barge is assembled. Coating over weld seams after the blocks have been assembled is very easy. The Ecolock system then consists of a single, homogenous covering of the steel. It leaves a smooth finished surface and the erection joint paint blends in perfectly with the coating of the rest of the hull.

As with all Ecolock applications, a trained and qualified paint inspector was on site monitoring the entire preparation and application to ensure adherence to the specifications at each step of the process and to assist with any problems that may arise. This is essential for a coating that is intended to last the life of the unit. Ecolock comes with a warranty as long as it is applied according to the specifications.

Ecolock is an extremely tough and durable coating designed to remain in excellent condition for up to 20 years without drydocking, repair or replacement. Ecolock can be cleaned underwater as often as needed to meet the UWILD and weight requirements of FPSOs, drill ships and other offshore vessels. Ecolock is the result of continual R&D on offshore hull coatings since the 1990s.

Shortly after the application of Ecolock was finished, the FSRU was undocked from the Wison Offshore & Marine drydock in Nantong. Upon the undocking, the topside installation has been completed clearing the way for the delivery of the facility.

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