New Agents introducing Subsea Industries coatings to Chile

Walbaum Chile finds the nation’s market receptive to Subsea Industries products

Founded in 1966, Walbaum Chile has nearly 60 years of experience working with different sectors of Chilean industry, providing them with exclusive raw materials and leading international industrial equipment and products. They advise their customers in the pre-sale phase about the best equipment and raw materials for their business, coordinate product testing and provide after sales service.

A maritime nation

With a coastline 6,435 kilometers long, it stands to reason that there is a great deal of maritime industry in Chile. The Chilean salmon farming sector is the second largest contributor to the country’s national exports, and Chile is the second largest global producer of farmed salmon. Aquaculture has a considerable infrastructure of workboats, wellboats, pontoons and other vessels and structures. Due to the proximity to the fish, a non-toxic coating is very important to this industry.

The south of Chile depends on a network of ferry systems for transport between the islands and among the fjords which form its coastline.

Add to this the Antarctic cruises, coastal shipping, industrial fishing, the navy, and the usual workboats, tugs and other ships and boats one would associate with such a long coastline and maritime nation, and it is not surprising that Chile has great market potential for both Subsea Industries products and Hydrex services.

A natural fit

Walbaum Chile is off to an excellent start with contacting this market and making our products known.

Philip Walbaum, the company’s Business Manager, explains why the collaboration with Hydrex and Subsea Industries was a natural fit for Walbaum Chile: “We are dedicated to seeking out top of the line products in technology to satisfy the needs of our clients,” he says. “We felt that Hydrex and Subsea fulfilled this goal by offering much needed products that were not in the South American market. They have had tremendous acceptance in Chile so far. In addition, they complement perfectly our line of industrial liquid filters which are also used extensively in the marine industry in Chile, as well as in the fish processing industry.”

Walbaum Chile is a family business, now into its second and third generations. The company is very well connected already with the Chilean market, as well as with that of neighboring South American countries. Walbaum has an excellent reputation based on having provided superior, reliable service for more than half a century. They have earned a reputation for representing only top quality companies in the various lines they deal with.

The Walbaum Chile team outside a trade show in Santiago, Chile.
Left to right: Nicholas Walbaum, Sales Representative; Philip Walbaum, Business Manager; Martin Walbaum, New Business Development; Eugenia Bellocchio, Sales Manager for the Argentina office; Neil Walbaum, General Manager.

The Walbaums have been very active in seeking out potential clients for Subsea Industries and Hydrex, visiting them throughout the country, even in the far south which is a full day’s travel from Santiago where Walbaum Chile is based. They have been working together with Hydrex and Subsea Industries in close cooperation to enlighten prospects and help meet their needs.

“The relationship with Hydrex and Subsea has been excellent, with tremendous support from both companies, in terms of our training and that of our clients, through presentations, supporting documentation, certificates and everything needed by clients to carry out their projects,” continues Philip.

Bright prospects

Martin Walbaum has taken on the role of Business Development of the new lines of business for Walbaum Chile. “We are contacting all the main shipping companies, tugboats, wellboats, shipyards and others and arranging in-person and online meetings,” he says. “These have been very successful for introducing Hydrex and Subsea products and generating great interest in them. The market is very receptive, and clearly understands the benefits of our products. We have orders placed and about to ship our first one to a very important salvage and towage company in the south of Chile, with more orders on the way. Our position will definitely get stronger as soon as we have our product on some Chilean ships.”

Already Walbaum Chile are in contact with all the major Chilean fishing companies, ferry operators, cruise companies as well as the shipyards, tugboat and workboat companies in the country.

“The prospects are very optimistic and we will certainly reach a significant market share in the medium term,” concludes Martin.

Our goals for Chile

The new agents in Chile have definitely hit the ground running and have mounted an enthusiastic, far reaching offensive which is starting to show results very rapidly.

Our aim is to combine the strengths of Walbaum Chile, their knowledge of the market and extensive network, with our unique coatings and top level underwater maintenance and repair services. And thus to help the Chilean maritime industry achieve greater economic success as well as to help protect the many kilometers of Chilean coastline by replacing toxic marine paint with our environmentally safe hull coatings.

With a coastline of 6,435 kilometers from desert in the North to glaciers in the South, Chile is a very varied coastal nation. In the North, the mining industry requires sea transport. Valparaiso is the country’s main port with very varied shipping. Further south, Talcahuano is a key port and naval center. In the South there is extensive aquaculture as well as ferry systems covering the islands and archipelagos and expedition cruise ships going to Patagonia and Antarctica. There is tremendous scope for Subsea Industries coatings, with the added advantage of preserving Chile’s pristine waters.

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