Jastram Technologies Ltd. representing Subsea Industries across Canada

Jastram Technologies Ltd. have been actively representing Subsea Industries in Canada since 2014 for the benefit of their and our many Canadian customers. Canada covers a very large area with an extensive shipping industry, requiring representation on both coasts and all across the country. Jastram is able to provide this coverage.

Established in 1983, Jastram Technologies Ltd. (JTL) is one of Canada’s most recognized suppliers in the marine industry. JTL has offices and warehouses in North Vancouver, British Columbia and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to provide sales, service and technical support from coast to coast.

Jastram’s head office in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We recently interviewed Robert Adie, Regional Sales Manager for Western Canada & Northern Territories, and Charles Brown, Regional Sales Manager for the rest of the country, to gain a fuller understanding of JTL and find out their views on the relationship with Subsea Industries.

“We engineer and manufacture steering equipment worldwide and distribute a variety of high-quality, commercial marine products and equipment across Canada,” explains Robert.

Understanding the Canadian marine market has always

been critical to Jastram’s success. Commitment to excellence makes the selection of the finest manufacturers from around the world of utmost importance.

“With the quality products, dedicated support and the professionalism of our principals, JTL has been able to gain the trust and support of the Canadian marine industry,” says Charles.

“Since our relationship with Subsea Industries began in 2014, we have proudly represented Subsea Industries marine coatings, especially Ecospeed, Ecospeed Ice and Ecoshield,” adds Robert.

Jastram’s willingness to work with naval architects, ship owners, shipyard engineers and service personnel at any stage of a vessel’s life, from design to construction to in-service challenges, is well suited to distribution of our marine coatings which also are relevant at all stages and for a variety of applications.


There have been several challenging projects JTL and Subseas Industries have successfully collaborated on. One was protecting the hull of the most powerful ice-breaking cargo ship in the world, Fednav’s bulk carrier Umiak I, operating in the unforgiving and environmentally sensitive Labrador Sea which can have heavy ice up to nine months of the year. A full case study detailing the success of this project can be found here: subind.net/case-study/umiak1-2023

The Umiak I moored at Long Harbour, N.L. in July 2023, more than two years after Ecospeed Ice was applied to the hull.

Another long-term project is Groupe Océan, who operate a fleet of tugboats on the St. Lawrence River and Gulf of St. Lawrence. “They believe in the product and insist on Ecospeed Ice coating for ALL of their ice-going vessels,” says Charles. A recent case study about Groupe Océan’s success with Ecospeed Ice and Subsea Industries coatings in general can be found here: subind.net/case-study/group-ocean.

As with all Groupe Océan’s ice-going tugs, the Ocean Tundra is protected with Ecospeed Ice.

The Canadian Coast Guard chose Ecospeed for their fleet of icebreakers operating on Canada’s Atlantic coast. “Jastram’s goal is to guide them to choose Subsea Industries coatings for all their ice-going vessels, primarily because of the performance of the coating, and the fact that it is ecologically sound enough to use in the pristine waters of Canada’s Arctic Ocean,” says Charles, who is in close contact with the CCG.  

Canadian Coastguard vessel Leim just coated with Ecospeed Ice.

In conjunction with JLT, Subsea Industries is currently working with the Royal Canadian Navy on test panels to determine the viability of using Ecoshield on their frigates and patrol vessels.

Jastram is working with several ferry operators, notably Société des Traversiers du Québec, for applications on their fleet of ice-breaking ferries.

Plans – looking ahead

“As for future projects, there has been interest from liquefied natural gas (LNG) operations along Canada’s Pacific Coast to coat their floating production storage and offloading (FLNG) facilities with the 100% non-toxic and extremely durable Ecolock marine coating,” says Robert.

“We have also met with Provincial Highways officials looking to coat bridge supports and car decks that see premature erosion from road salt and river ice,” continues Robert. “And we have fielded inquiries from city governments looking to protect public art from road salt that is used extensively every winter in cold northern cities.” Subsea Industries coatings are the best protection against salt or any other chemical.     

“Jastram is very excited and optimistic about this product line,” concludes Charles. “As commercial marine operators look for coatings that not only protect the vessel, but reduce fouling, improve hydrodynamics and fuel efficiency, as well as being non-toxic, Subsea Industries products are among the very few that check ALL boxes.”

The MV Lomer-Gouin ferry of the Société des traversiers du Québec is protected from the ice by Ecospeed Ice.

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