Californian boat owner returns for second Ecospeed application

Two years after Ecospeed was applied to the hull of a ferry in California, a second vessel of the owner was given the same lasting protection.

Subsea Industries also supplied the ferry company with its hull cleaning equipment, designed to allow the rapid removal of all types of marine fouling. This further improves the smoothness of the paint surface. It allows divers to clean the underwater hull whenever needed without damaging the coating.

Cleanings are easy to organize because these boats are sailing on a fixed route. A cleaning schedule can therefore be implemented very easily and owners can control the hull and keep fuel consumption low.

The hull cleaning was outsourced to a diving company for regular maintenance. Having cleaned the first ship on several occasions since application, they are very happy with it. All fouling is easily removed while the coating stays intact.

Ecospeed is 100% non-toxic and there is no negative effect on the water quality or the marine environment during maintenance. Several major ports have overturned the existing general ban on in-water hull cleaning, specifically making an exception for vessels coated with Ecospeed.

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